These are the in depth descriptions of selected topics available in the Python SDK documentation.

Python Environment

Python in Cinema 4D

About the Python interpreter of Cinema 4D.

Python 3 Migration Guideline

About migrating older Python 2 code to Python 3 code.

Python Libraries

About installing 3rd party libraries in a Cinema 4D Python environment.

Python Script Manager

About the Python Script Manager in Cinema 4D.

Python Console

About the Python console in Cinema 4D.


About c4dpy, the standalone Python interpreter delivered with Cinema 4D.

Plugin Structure

About the integration of Python plugins with the boot-sequence of Cinema 4D and more.

Auto Completion Dummy Package Manual

About an auto-completion package for the Python SDK for 3rd party editors.

Tips to switch from C.O.F.F.E.E to Python

About migrating C.O.F.F.E.E. to Python.

General Concepts

NodeData Management

About how Cinema 4D encapsulates plugins.

Symbols Parsing

About how Cinema 4D constant value works and how they are ingested.

Object Data Plugin

About cache management in ObjectData plugins.

Threading Information

About how to write code for a threaded environment in the Python SDK.

Message System

Describes the message system used by Cinema 4D to convey information within the application.

Introduction into the GUI of Cinema 4D

About how graphical user interfaces can be defined in the Python SDK.

Descriptions in Cinema 4D

About handling object parameters in Cinema 4D.

Input Events

About input from the keyboard or from the mouse in Cinema 4D.

Polygon Object in Detail

About polygon objects and their structure.

Document Animation

About animating a c4d.BaseDocument manually.

Color Profiles

About color profiles and color management in Cinema 4D.

Time Management in Cinema 4D

About how c4d.BaseTime describes time in the Python SDK.

Writing delta time plugins

About delta time plugins in the Python SDK.

Python Scripting Nodes

Python Generator

About the Python Generator Object.

Python Effector

About the Python Effector Object.

Python Field Object / Layer

About the Python Field Object.

Python Scripting Tag

About the Python Tag.

Python Xpresso Node

About the Python Xpresso Node.

Python Interaction Tag

About the Python Interaction Tag.

Python Visual Selector Tag

About the Python Visual Selector Tag.

Python Character Tag

About the Python Character Tag.

Python Sketch and Toon Material

About the Python Sketch and Toon Material Channel.


Matrix Manual

An introduction into the c4d.Matrix type and some of its associated concepts.

LodObject Manual

About the type LodObject for managing levels of detail for geometry.

PolygonReduction Manual

About the type PolygonReduction for reducing the polygon count of geometry.

APIs & Frameworks

MAXON API Introduction

About the new maxon API.

Asset API Manual

Provide content as reusable assets served with the Cinema 4D Asset Browser.