Hey @bojidar,

So, I spent again some time on trying to debug this, and this time manually stepped through the deserialization of 1053286, i.e., your material type. And I am not really any wiser to what is going wrong there. This could be related to a change one of developers made for 2024 to GeAliasGoal, a precursor to what you see as a BaseLink in the public API.

But when I look at how it steps through the chunks of the hyper file for your material, I do not really ever see that parameter being deserialized. I think this is more a Tech team than an SDK team issue as they own that part of our APIs. I would have to ask you to file a bug report via our bug tracker for this. Please make sure to include:

Reproduction steps. The file.

You can also include your code, but that is of less importance. Please give me then also a note when you have done this, so that I can attach the relevant people and make sure that they get access to a license of your software. I could also file the bug report for you, the problem would be then however, that you could not see it, as you can only see your own reports as an MRD. I.e., you could not take part in the comments/discussion attached to the issue. I would recommend that you submit it yourself. When you run into problems, ask Deyan, or reach out to us via mail.