SDK Change Notes for Cinema 4D S26.0

Summarizes the API and API documentation changes made between Cinema 4D version R25.25.113 and S26.013.

Documentation Changes

Major Changes

  • Added a plugin in Cinema 4D to exchange code between the Script Manager and Visual Studio Code. Read Cinema 4D Connector - Documentation for more details.

  • Added the Asset API. Its documentation can be found in the The Asset Framework page and example in the Script | 05_modules | assets folder.

  • Changed the access to frameworks in the maxon API for Python. Thus it is no longer necessary to import each framework explicitly.

    import maxon
    from maxon.frameworks import volume # This line is not anymore needed.
  • Changed how to access objects from C++ frameworks. They are now directly accessible in the maxon module. Thus any code written in C++ for the Maxon API, is identical in python.

    # C++ code
    #include <assets.h>
    # S26 Python
    import maxon
    # R25 Python, still compatible with S26
    import maxon
    from maxon.frameworks import asset

Minor Changes

  • Added support for the “Script Word Wrap” option in the Script Editor and for the Pyton Console.

  • Added saving of the selected category in the console (Default, Python, Team Render, etc.) and restored each time Cinema 4D is started.

  • Added Python type hints in all default code.

  • Added Python type hints in the c4d Auto Completion Dummy Package.

  • Added CMD_HIDDEN flag, which hide a command if this value is returned in the CommandData.GetState() method.

  • Added the type c4d.NormalTag to represent a Point Normal Tag.

  • Added an API for the Variation Shader to manipulate inner layer through parameter access, an use case example can be found in in the Python Github Repository.

  • Fixed word wrapping in multi-line text for the Python console via the CTRL + Left / Right shortcuts.

API Changes