Mar 28, 2023

About this Documentation

The Cinema 4D Python SDK documentation is a publicly available development reference. As such, it is a growing document that is designed to help developers understand how to create Python plugins and scripts for MAXON Cinema 4D.

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For more resources, please read Python Resources.

Developer Support

Plugin developers find all resources on the Development Support blog. Additional example code is presented on GitHub.

Additional developer support is provided on the Plugin Café support forum. This forum is also used to report feedbacks and issues about the documentation.

For more information about developer support see How to get Support.

If your project is under NDA or you need to address the support team directly, please email for further assistance.

About Python in Cinema 4D

A separate Python installation is not needed. Python is integrated into Cinema 4D and runs out of the box.

Python can be found in different parts of the Cinema 4D eco-system.
It can be used to extend, automate or improve workflow by creating custom scripts or plugins.

Being all the functions of the “c4d” module calling their C++ equivalent, executing a Python code, invoking only Cinema 4D SDK functions, takes almost the same time of the equivalent C++ code.

A python interpreter called c4dpy is available to execute python code with the Cinema 4D API outside of Cinema 4D.
Moreover c4dpy bring extra features such as Autocompletion or Debugging for Python Script (Plugin are not supported). See the c4dpy manual.

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Python in Cinema 4D manual.


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