SDK Change Notes for Cinema 4D 2023.1

Summarizes the API and API documentation changes made between Cinema 4D version 2023.0.0 and 2023.1.0.

Documentation Changes

Major Changes

  • Updated documentation for magic methods of many types.
    • In the classic API, the __init__ method documentation of multiple types has been updated, correctly reflecting the return value being None.

    • In the maxon API, multiple fundamental types have received a documentation for previously undocumented magic methods such as __iter__, __len__, __contains__, and similar methods.

  • Added the _c4d_init module, located in {Cinema 4D Installation folder}/resource/modules/python/libs/python39/_c4d_init. Loaded just before any Cinema 4D plugins are loaded.

  • Added support for the -B -d -E -I -O -q -u command line arguments for the c4dpy interpreter, see the Python documentation for more information about their purpose.

  • Fixed the history of the Python console which was not read-only.

Minor Changes

  • Added a warning about possible crashes when using c4d.MSG_GETALLASSETS.

  • Changed the DataDictionary Example

  • Fixed a case where multi-line expressions in the Python console could corrupt the Python REPL.

  • Fixed maxon.AssetInterface.GetAssetUrl() which was not possible to call.

  • Fixed the symbol_parser not parsing enum values correctly without spaces between the symbol name and value.