SDK Change Notes for Cinema 4D 2023.2

Summarizes the API and API documentation changes made between Cinema 4D version 2023.1.0 and 2023.2.0.

Documentation Changes

Major Changes

  • The Code Exchanger is now available directly in the Script Manager. Read Cinema 4D Connector - Documentation for more details.

  • Updated the python version used by Cinema 4D to 3.10.8 (previously was 3.9.1.) including improved error messages and structural pattern matching.
    This update should not break API for your plugins or scripts, but check the Python 3.10 Changelog to ensure that.
    Due to this update the environment variable to add new entry to the sys path was updated to C4DPYTHONPATH310 and the pref folder is now python310. For more information on this topic read Python Libraries.
  • The online documentation of APIs offered by Maxon has a new entry point with which will always refer to the latest Cinema 4D C++ API documentation.
    Bookmark instead to always refer to the latest Python documentation and to refer to the latest Cineware documentation.
    These changes also fix the issue of local caches of users shadowing newer content, users will now always see the newest content. As before, caching is still enabled for all pages.
  • Added back has also been the online documentation of past versions of APIs. Provided have been versions between R21.2 and 2023.2.0 as this is the version range most developers work with.
    This is accompanied by the new API and version selector element in the top right corner of both the C++ and Python documentation, allowing to view an item over different versions.

Minor Changes

  • Fixed an issue with the Symbol Parser, previously parsing C++ template declaration.

  • Fixed an issue with the Symbol Parser, not correctly parsing value referencing other value from a different namespace.

API Changes

Maxon API