SDK Change Notes for Cinema 4D S26.1

Summarizes the API and API documentation changes made between Cinema 4D version S26.013 and S26.107.

Documentation Changes

Major Changes

  • Updated the Python Libraries manual to give a more complete overview of the different ways on how custom Python modules and packages can be imported by scripts and plugins.

  • Added the possibility to pass a Python file as the first unnamed argument after the Cinema 4D executable in order to execute it at the start of Cinema 4D as a Script Manager context.

Minor Changes

  • Changed the NodeData.Init() documentation to reflect its behavior change.

  • Changed the c4d.modules.character.CAPoseMorphTag documentation to more clearly reflect that the morph count and index includes the base morph.

  • Changed the c4d.CKey documentation to more clearly express how different data types must be handled in reading and writing key values for them.

  • Fixed the description of c4d.utils.StringToNumber() to reflect its current state.

  • Fixed an issue with jumping to the end of a console log with the End key.

  • Fixed Python scripts docked into a palette being limited to 32px icons.

  • Fixed resetting the width of the logger selection list each time Cinema 4D is started.

  • Fixed long file names being displayed in the script manager menu.

API Changes

This Service Pack does not change any API functionality.