How to get Support

How to get Support

For all plugin developers we recommend to join the MAXON Registered Developer program. In this way, we can keep you up to date with upcoming changes.

If your project is under NDA or you need to address the SDK Support Team directly, please email for assistance.

If you find a potential bug in the SDK or reference, please report it immediately to or post into the Cinema 4D Development category in Plugin Café forum.

The only other way to get support is via Plugin Café forum. Registration to the Plugin Café developer forum is free of charge but will be required to post your queries.

Help us to help you. When sending a query about the C++ SDK, Python SDK, C.O.F.F.E.E. or Cineware, please ensure that your problem is described in as much detail as possible, thus avoiding additional questions.
At a minimum, please provide us with:

  • Operating system and IDE
  • Cinema 4D and SDK version
  • The type of plugin you are developing

Please also post the part of your source code in question.  Otherwise, it will most likely be impossible for us to find the cause of your problem.

Posts should go into the correct sub-forums.

Well formatted posts help us do quick overviews. Use BBcodes to mark content, e.g.

  • [CODE]…[⁄CODE] for your source code
  • [QUOTE]…[⁄QUOTE] when quoting other posts

Finally, if we were able to solve your issue, please don’t leave us hanging in the air. Post a short note, so we can mark the thread accordingly. That way, other users will be able to find solutions faster.