Cinema 4D S22 released

Cinema 4D S22 released

The new Cinema 4D Subscription Release (S22) has been officially released today and is now available for download. The next generation of Maxon’s 3D application and first subscription-only release affords customers early access to massive performance and interactivity improvements including:

  • UV unwrapping and editing tools,
  • improved modeling tool functionality,
  • organizational licensing for volume customers,
  • updated viewport technology with support for Metal on macOS,
  • improved GLTF export,
  • improved GoZ integration with ZBrush.

With regard to the APIs, the most significant changes are:

  • existing C++ plugins will work in S22,
  • building C++ plugins requires Visual Studio 2019 or Xcode 11,
  • OpenGl-related source files (headers and examples) are deprecated and have been removed,
  • the .CHM Windows-only portable format for the C++ API Documentation is not supported anymore.
  • a fake Python dummy package is shipped with Cinema 4D, to performs auto-completion for the c4d package in external IDE.

With regard to plugins binary compatibility it should be noted that older plug-ins that were built for R21 should work in R22 unless they make use of removed OpenGL APIs. Nevertheless it’s recommended to contact the respective plug-in vendor and check if a newer version specifically released for R22 is available.

Documentation and Downloads



New ProjectTool

The ProjectTool has been updated to deliver IDE-compatible project files.

Examples on GitHub

The examples on GitHub have been updated.

The Custom Error example (made up of .framework, .module and .use shows how to take advantage of the CustomError interface part of the Maxon API.

Riccardo Gigante

Riccardo Gigante

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  1. Hello
    I have a bug report but couldn’t find an appropriate form to post it.
    When baking more than one object at once into a single UV (“Bake Object”), the r21 version bakes the materials together into one UV as supposed. But the s22 version bakes them separately, resulting in one texture overwriting the other. While baking, the preview windows shows the overwriting clearly.

  2. Hi Daniel, thanks for reaching out us.
    With regard to your issue, being it not development-related, please get in touch with official Maxon Support Channels.

    Best, Riccardo

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