Andreas Block

Fomer SDK Support Lead and Developer Over ten years of development in industry automation provided me with a good foundation of low level and FPGA programming knowledge as well as with insight into various operating systems. Cinema 4D has been a hobby of mine since it started to emit its first rays of light back in Amiga times (still known as Fastray back then).


  1. Hi,
    we need some more informations about fbx import in cinema4d. Current our camera has only translation, no rotation values or fov are imported.

  2. Hi Ralf,

    thanks, for your comment.

    Is this a problem using the FBX import from within Cinema 4D (user interaction)? In this case it’s best to contact our support directly: https://www.maxon.net/en/support/how-can-we-help/
    If the issue is related to our SDKs (plugin development, scripting,…) then I’d like to invite you over to our developer forum (http://www.plugincafe.com/forum/default.asp), where it’s usually the best place to discuss such topics.

    This blog mainly focuses on news for our 3rd party developer community.


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