Change of Python Integration

With the next major version Cinema 4D R17 (SP1 to be precise) we will move from Python 2.6.4 to Python 2.7.9.
From then on Python 2.6.4 will not be used anymore.

The reason for this decision were minor issues in Python 2.6 and increased compatibility with other 3D packages.

In most cases this change should be no problem. Tests with existing scripts/plugins showed, almost
all scripts, plugins, etc. are compatible with Python 2.7. Only in very rare cases adjustments need to be made.

Note for Custom compiled Python C-modules:
If a plugin is based on a Python C-module, this module needs to be recompiled. Latest Xcode version and Visual Studio 2012 SP4 should be used for this.

The Python header files are no longer located in resource\modules\python\Python.win64.framework\include, but instead in resource\modules\python\Python.win64.framework\include\python27.

New in Python 2.7.9
Detailed changelog of version 2.7.9


Andreas Block

Fomer SDK Support Lead and Developer Over ten years of development in industry automation provided me with a good foundation of low level and FPGA programming knowledge as well as with insight into various operating systems. Cinema 4D has been a hobby of mine since it started to emit its first rays of light back in Amiga times (still known as Fastray back then).

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  1. Hello
    Cool. Finally will get “native” support for such framework as fabric engine and etc. which drive with 2.7

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