C++ Plugin Code Style Guide

C++ is a powerful but complex programming language, and Cinema 4D’s plugin development context adds its own peculiarities. With our internal Cinema 4D C++ code style guide as a basis, we created a simplified version for our wider C++ plugin software development community. The guide explains:

  • Major ‘dos and don’ts’ in the Cinema 4D plugin development context
  • Useful tips to enforce consistency
  • The C++ 11 features that you can use
  • Limitations you should be aware of

A major benefit to following the guide is it will allow us to better understand your code snippets when asking for help on the Plugin Cafe forum.

You can find the guide right here.


Joey Gaspe

Over seven years of software development experience on 3ds Max at Autodesk. I worked on a broad set of features, including (but not limited to) installers, various internal component integrations (licensing, etc.), and modernizing the localization capabilities of 3ds Max to enable a Multi-Language Distribution and Language Packs capability.

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