SimdInfo Struct Reference

#include <datatype.h>

Detailed Description

SimdInfo stores information about the AOSOA layout of a SimdBlock, see there.


struct  Compact

Public Attributes

DataType componentType
Int dimension
Int multiplicity
Int alignmentMask
Int multiplicityMask
Int logComponentSize
Int componentSize
Int extraStride
Compact compact

Member Data Documentation

◆ componentType

DataType componentType

The component type such as Float.

◆ dimension

Int dimension

◆ multiplicity

Int multiplicity

◆ alignmentMask

Int alignmentMask

Size of a SIMD value minus one (i.e., the same as multiplicity * component size - 1, such as 15 for a 128-bit SSE value).

◆ multiplicityMask

Int multiplicityMask

Number of components per SIMD value minus one. Zero for the non-SIMD case.

◆ logComponentSize

Int logComponentSize

Log2 of the size of a SIMD component (such as 3 for double precision float).

◆ componentSize

Int componentSize

◆ extraStride

Int extraStride

The extra stride to apply when a complete SIMD vector has been handled. This is (dimension-1) * size of SIMD value.

◆ compact

Compact compact