ForwardingDataPtr Struct Reference

#include <datatypebase.h>

Detailed Description

ForwardingDataPtr contains type info and a pointer to an arbitrary generic object plus the information if the object shall be moved or not. ForwardingDataPtr is typically used as parameter type of a generic function which accepts any type of object and moves or copies the object to some other location.

Public Member Functions

 ForwardingDataPtr ()
MAXON_IMPLICIT ForwardingDataPtr (const ConstDataPtr &ptr)
MAXON_IMPLICIT ForwardingDataPtr (MoveDataPtr &&ptr)
template<typename T , typename = typename std::enable_if<!(STD_IS_REPLACEMENT(same, typename std::decay<T>::type, ConstDataPtr) || STD_IS_REPLACEMENT(same, typename std::decay<T>::type, MoveDataPtr))>::type>
 ForwardingDataPtr (T &&value)
Result< DataGetData ()

Public Attributes

ConstDataPtr data
Bool move

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

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◆ ForwardingDataPtr() [2/4]

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◆ ForwardingDataPtr() [4/4]

ForwardingDataPtr ( T &&  value)

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetData()

Result<Data> GetData ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ data

◆ move

Bool move