CustomIconSettings Struct Reference

#include <c4d_baselist.h>

Detailed Description

Message structure for the MSG_GETCUSTOMICON_SETTINGS message. Private.


Public Attributes

String _iconFileId
Int32 _colorMode
maxon::Color _customColor
maxon::BaseArray< maxon::Color_specialColors
Int32 _defaultIconId
Bool _fillDefault
Bool _colorizeContrastMode
Float _colorizeContrastModeMaxBrightnessThreshold

Member Data Documentation

◆ _iconFileId

String _iconFileId

Custom bitmap file path or icon ID.

◆ _colorMode

Int32 _colorMode

Color mode: 0: none, 1: custom, >=2: special cases.

◆ _customColor

maxon::Color _customColor

Custom color used if _colorMode == 1;.

◆ _specialColors

maxon::BaseArray<maxon::Color> _specialColors

Special colors (e.g. Light Color for light object)

◆ _defaultIconId

Int32 _defaultIconId

Icon Id used if no custom bitmap path / icon ID.

◆ _customIcon

IconData* _customIcon

Custom icon used as default (more priority than _defaultIconId)

◆ _fillDefault

Bool _fillDefault

If true, CustomIconData will be filled always. Set to true only if you provide a _customIcon IconData or an icon id different than default, otherwise just leave it false.

◆ _colorizeContrastMode

Bool _colorizeContrastMode

If true, icon bitmap will be inverted with dark colors for better readability.

◆ _colorizeContrastModeMaxBrightnessThreshold

Float _colorizeContrastModeMaxBrightnessThreshold

Brightness values greater than this value will be considered as full brightness (1.0)