Cineware is a C++ library that can be linked to your own application. It allows you to build, load and save C4D files – without the need for a C4D installation. If a C4D installation is present you can also render using Cineware. The rendering will be done in the background as if it was a native part of your application.

Cineware is MAXON’s file exchange and render connection library. Develop plugins and pipeline tools which can read and write .c4d files using Cineware. Whether you want to build a commercial exchange plugin, connect your in-house software to Cinema 4D or just get some data out of .c4d files, Cineware is the simplest way to achieve your goals.

  • Gain access to most of the data inside a Cinema 4D file including geometry, camera, materials, animation and much more.
  • Read and writing .c4d files.
  • Integrate Cinema 4D’s powerful renderer to your software via a render connection to an installed version of Cinema 4D.

Cineware has been in development for some years and is already used in many of MAXON’s tools such as CineRender, Bodypaint Exchanges, etc. There is also an already sizeable number of third parties to enable their software to read and write .c4d files. Cineware is also used by Studios for their pipeline tools.

Technical Details

If the .c4d files was saved with the “Save Polygons for Cineware” option enabled, then you even can choose if you want to load a polygonal representation for parametric objects or the parametric itself.

Getting Started

Please have a look to our quick start guide.

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