Cinema 4D 2023.2.0 Release

On March the 29th, 2023, Maxon Computer released Cinema 4D 2023.2.0. Alongside this release, a new Cinema 4D SDK and SDK documentation have been released, reflecting the API changes for 2023.2.0. For an overview of the features of Cinema 4D 2023.2, please refer to the spring release announcement.

The major SDK related changes in this release are:

  • The Visual Studio Code (VS Code) bindings for the Script Manager have been integrated into Cinema 4D, making the formerly provided Cinema 4D plugin obsolete. Required is still the VS Code extension which can be found here. For the integrated features, please refer to the user documentation of the Script Manager.
  • Cinema 4D 2023.2 updates its CPython interpreter to version 3.10.8.
  • The online documentation has new entry points. Please update your bookmarks. This also fixes the issue of browser caches shadowing newer content. Users will now always see the latest content while all content remains cached.
  • With release 2023.2, the online documentation of the Cinema 4D C++, Cinema 4D Python, and Cineware C++ APIs have been re-exposed for past versions, covering the version range R21.2 to 2023.2. Now all documentation products offer an API and version selection element in the top right corner to switch between APIs and versions.

For a more in-depth overview of the changes, please refer to the Python and C++ change notes.

C++ API Documentation
online offline
Extended C++ SDK
Win/Mac Project Tool for S24+
Python APIDocumentation
online offline
Extended Python SDK
Cinema 4D Connector 1.0.2
Cineware API (S 22.0)Documentation
online offline
Quick Start Guide
SDK Asset Databaseoffline

The Visual Studio Code extension Cinema 4D Connector is also being published on the Extensions for Visual Studio Code marketplace. Simply search for “Cinema 4D Connector” in VS Code (Fig. I) to find and install the extension.

Fig I: Open the extensions tab on the left (CMD/Ctrl + Shift + X) and type “Cinema 4D” to find the extension; then click “Install”.


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