Cinema 4D 2023.1.0 Release

On November the 9th, 2022, Maxon Computer released Cinema 4D 2023.1.0. Alongside this release, a new Cinema 4D SDK and SDK documentation have been released, reflecting the API changes for 2023.1.0.

The major changes in this documentation update are in C++ the addition of the Color Management and OpenColorIO manuals. In Python, the documentation of native Python magic methods such as __init__, __iter__, or __getitem__ has been updated and the c4dpy interpreter now supports more of the native CPython command line arguments.

2023.1.0 C++ SDK and API Documentation

2023.1.0 Python++ SDK and API Documentation

The Cinema 4D to Visual Studio Code bindings for 2023.1.0 are accessible under the following links.

2023.1.0 Extended SDKs on GitHub



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