Cinema 4D S26 SP1 Release

On June the 29th, 2022, Maxon Computer released Cinema 4D S26 SP1 (S 26.107). Alongside that release, the new SDK and documentation have been released, reflecting the API changes for S26 SP1.

The major changes in this documentation update are in C++ exposure of OCIO interfaces and the added legacy plugin type symbols. In Python, the Python Libraries Manual has been reworked, outlining more clearly how to import custom Python libraries in scripts and plugins.

See the Maxon One Fall Update notes for details on the changes of application itself.

S26 SP1 C++ SDK and API Documentation

S26 SP1 Python++ SDK and API Documentation

The Cinema 4D to Visual Studio Code bindings for S26SP1 are accessible under the following links (no changes were made; these are the same binaries as for S26).



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