Cinema 4D S26 Release

On April the 20th, 2022, Maxon Computer released Cinema 4D S26. Alongside that release, the new SDK and documentation have been released, reflecting the API changes for S26.

Cinema 4D S26 now provides the ability to integrate Visual Studio Code with the Script Manager of Cinema 4D to load, run, and debug Cinema 4D scripts from VS Code. The features are documented more extensively in the Cinema 4D Connector documentation. Added was also an SDK asset database which contains assets used by the C+ SDK. Please refer to the release notes of S26 for an overview of the newly introduced features of S26 itself.

S26 C++ SDK and API Documentation

S26 Python++ SDK and API Documentation

SDK Asset Database

The SDK asset database is currently only used by the C++ Asset API examples in the C++ SDK. It is therefore only necessary to provide access to that database when the Asset API examples must be run. The C++ SDK can be built without access to that database.

On systems with unrestricted internet access, no further steps are required to run examples that make use of the SDK asset database, as the database will be downloaded and mounted automatically on such machines. On systems with no or restricted internet access, users can download the database and mount it manually to run all SDK examples. The provided database archive must be unpacked, and the contained *.db file must then be mounted in the preferences of the Asset Browser (see Fig. 1).

Fig I: Manually mounting a local SDK Asset database.


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