Maxon Registered Developer Program update

Dear Development Community,

we’ve had great response to the recent introduction of subscription pricing for Maxon products, and are excited to be welcoming lots of new users (and potential customers for you) to the Cinema 4D community!

The Maxon Registered Developer (MRD) program helps to ensure that you’re informed as we continue to improve Cinema 4D and the Maxon ecosystem. The program began almost 2 years ago to ensure 3rd-party plugin vendors and independent developers are informed about new releases and API updates. The program provides early access to updates to secure plug-in compatibility. We are looking forward to continuing to partner with you to further develop the ecosystem around Maxon products.

To apply for basic membership to the program, nothing has changed: sending an email to us is enough – we’ll send quarterly emails with the latest news, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

For full membership (including beta releases and beta discussions) you need to sign an NDA and own either the most recent Cinema 4D perpetual release or, since the release of R21, an active annual Maxon subscription including Cinema 4D.

Since we reserve the right to decide on received registrations individually, kindly include in your request a proof of your Cinema 4D (or related) development efforts. In addition we might provide, at our sole discretion, time-limited subscriptions to developers we think could bring a significant contribution to the Cinema 4D ecosystem.

Please note that total access membership will automatically expire on 1st of June and 1st of December each year, and all developers are asked to re-apply at least one week before expiration to avoid any service interruption. Basic newsletter membership never expires unless you unsubscribe.

Regardless of your registered developer status, we look forward to providing the best support possible at and to working closely with you to build the Maxon ecosystem!

Looking forward to your registrations,

Riccardo Gigante

Riccardo Gigante

SDK Support Specialist Passionate about life and any artistic expression around me.