Recommendations for Building Cinema 4D R21 C++ Plugins

Changes introduced with Cinema 4D R21 make it necessary to recompile C++ plugins.

The MSVC settings of the R21 SDK enable support for Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX) by default. Clients, that do not support this instruction set, cannot load the created plugin binaries.

The AVX settings are defined in the frameworks\settings\Base.props file. To disable AVX support, simply remove the line


On macOS, it is advised to enable the legacy build system when using Xcode 10.1+. The legacy build system is enabled under “File” / “Project Settings” / “Section Shared Project Settings/Build System” / “Legacy Build System”.

Sebastian Bach

Sebastian Bach

SDK Support Specialist I have a degree in media production and specialized in 3D graphics and programming. In the last years I worked on several commercial plugins for Cinema 4D and 3ds max including render engines, asset management and modeling tools.

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