Cinema 4D R21 Released

The new major version R21 of Cinema 4D has been officially released and is now available for download. Everyone can now create accounts on the new MyMaxon portal (my.maxon.net) and download the latest version of Cinema 4D.

The most significant changes are:

  • Only one version of Cinema 4D exist.
  • Existing C++ plugins must be adapted and re-compiled for R21.
  • Building C++ plugins requires Visual Studio 2017 or Xcode 10.
  • A new licensing system replaces the old, serial number based system. The SNHookClass plugin type has been removed.

Documentation and Downloads



c4dpy Available

The c4dpy executable is now part of the Cinema 4D installation.

Examples on GitHub

The examples on GitHub have been updated.

The Basic License Workflow examples show how to utilize the new licensing API (blw_pluginlicensedialog and blw_simplegenerator).

The Python examples have been reworked and extended. The new examples can be found on https://github.com/PluginCafe/cinema4d_py_sdk_extended.

Sebastian Bach

Sebastian Bach

Former SDK Support Specialist I have a degree in media production and specialized in 3D graphics and programming. In the last years I worked on several commercial plugins for Cinema 4D and 3ds max including render engines, asset management and modeling tools.


  1. Adding the manuals and symbols section in the python documentation is probably the best thing in the new docs 👍. I always wished though there was a more direct connection between the Python and C++ SDK. Maybe you could add links to all (relevant) C++ manuals in the future? You can use them separately of course, but it would be really convenient.

  2. Hello
    Will be Project Tool for Linux CLR Client?

  3. Hello,

    the Project Tool for Linux is currently under development.

  4. Hi Sebastian. I got working sdk for r21 at CentOS 7.7-1908 and gcc-7 toolset, by using Pt_r20

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