Preparing for Cinema 4D R20

Hello everybody,

we announced it already on several channels, with the upcoming Cinema 4D R20 a few old features need to be removed to allow for future development.

Over at MAXON Labs we have released two plugins, that are supposed to help with this transition.

C.O.F.F.E.E. Filter
Search for usage of C.O.F.F.E.E. scripting language in scenes and C4D installations.
This will provide you easy access to the code, so it can be easily ported to Python.

Scene Updater
Cinema 4D R20 won’t be able to load scenes saved with versions prior to R12. With the Scene Updater plugin one can easily scan for and convert such scene files, so they can still be loaded with R20.

Have a good time,


Andreas Block

Fomer SDK Support Lead and Developer Over ten years of development in industry automation provided me with a good foundation of low level and FPGA programming knowledge as well as with insight into various operating systems. Cinema 4D has been a hobby of mine since it started to emit its first rays of light back in Amiga times (still known as Fastray back then).


  1. Please fix Opengl problems with Nvidia quadro graphics cards

  2. Indeed, but problems are not solved for R19. not by Maxon not by Nvidia. Even the reseller did cut the line!!!

  3. Please, here we are completely focused on plugin developers. We can not help with user issues. The best advice I can give is to use above link to request support.

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