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Dear Development Community,

for decades Cinema 4D is well known for one of the most stable C++ APIs on the market. In February 2016 our CTO and Managing Partner Harald Schneider blogged about the future of Cinema 4D and the development of a new core. It’s probably no surprise for developers, such integral changes will surface in the SDKs eventually. Actually they already did in small portions since R15. Yet, in order to prepare for the future, the upcoming releases will introduce relevant changes.

To improve our collaboration with 3rd party developers and to make sure everyone can follow as easily as possible, we’d like to introduce you to MAXON Registered Developer program.

Our goal is to be able to inform you about upcoming changes more timely and directly.

Therefore we are interested in your email address, in order to provide you with an SDK newsletter, outlining upcoming changes for developers, so you can be sure not to miss anything. This will be sent on a regular basis to all registered developers. We guarantee your mail address will be used for development related mails, only.

For professional developers we will offer additional services, including:

  • A SDK newsletter, informing about upcoming changes
  • Access to early builds containing upcoming SDKs
  • Access to beta builds for early compatibility tests
  • Access to our internal developer forum, where development related questions may be discussed more openly and feedback from beta testers can be received
  • Access to our issue tracker, so any issues with upcoming SDKs can be reported directly
  • Access to webinars, where we will introduce into new SDK features or workflows

These additional services are open to any professional developer and will be free of charge. Yet, we will need you to sign an NDA, as you will get access to sensitive information prior to public releases.

In order to apply for MAXON Registered Developer, please send an email to sdk_support@maxon.net.

For the additional services there are a few rules:

  • Possession of a valid license of the current Cinema 4D version and a running MSA contract.
  • We will need some kind of proof of your commercial work.
  • We reserve the right to make an individual per case decision.

We hope everybody understands we need to set up some barriers here, after all we will be giving away beta versions for free.
In the end, based on the provided information, MAXON will decide, if you can be considered for the additional services. If unsure about fulfilling the requirements, well, then apply nevertheless, it’s just an email.

The membership usually lasts for one release cycle. As we are currently in the middle of one, the first period will run until 1st of September, 2019. If you want to prolong your membership, all you need to do is to answer to a mail sent by us about two month before the end of the membership. Otherwise you need to do nothing, your membership and all access permissions related to it will expire without further notice.

Looking forward to your registrations,


Andreas Block

Fomer SDK Support Lead and Developer Over ten years of development in industry automation provided me with a good foundation of low level and FPGA programming knowledge as well as with insight into various operating systems. Cinema 4D has been a hobby of mine since it started to emit its first rays of light back in Amiga times (still known as Fastray back then).


  1. Hi Guys,

    We would like to be MAXON Registered Developer.

    We create in-house tools and here in the lab we are connecting you software with our interactive events and installations.
    please visit
    xavi’s lab



  2. Hi,
    thanks for your interest.
    We need your application via email, though.

  3. Beautiful interface, simple and easy to use

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