PluginCafé r3bØØt

Welcome to Cinema 4D’s plugin development support. You will find all relevant information about our 4 APIs on this site. We publish the documentation via our blog and API documentation. We answer your support question on the plugincafé forum. We also offer a repository for open source Cinema 4D projects. If it’s your first time around, let us help you getting started.

Along with the creation of this new site, we would like to introduce you to our recently formed SDK Support team. You can see right here how we organized to provide you with top-notch technical support. Let us know how we succeed.

Jean-François Yelle

Yannick Puech

Sebastian Bach

Sebastian Bach

Andreas Block

Joey Gaspe

Jean-François Yelle

MAXON SDK Support manager and software developer. JF has a background in product management and software development. He spent 15 years in computer graphics and worked for corporations such as Ubisoft and Autodesk.

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