ClassInfoBase Struct Reference

#include <interfacebase.h>

Public Member Functions

const Block< const Char > & GetName () const
void PrivateInitName (const Char *name)

Public Attributes

const ClassInterface_class
void(* _free )(const void *)
const Char_name
Int _nameLength

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetName()

const Block<const Char>& GetName ( ) const

The name of the implementation class. For a true Class this is its identifier. Otherwise (for an implementation of a simple virtual interface) this is a compiler-generated (and compiler-specific) name.

Name of the class as character block (not necessarily null-terminated).

◆ PrivateInitName()

void PrivateInitName ( const Char name)

Member Data Documentation

◆ _class

const ClassInterface* _class

Owning class object. Although just a simple pointer, this acts as a strong reference due to the internals of object handling.

◆ _free

void(* _free) (const void *)

Destruct&free function.

◆ _name

const Char* _name

The name of the class. It may contain additional characters at the end, use only the first _nameLength characters.

◆ _nameLength

Int _nameLength

The number of leading characters to use from _name.