RenderNotificationData Struct Reference

#include <c4d_baselist.h>

Detailed Description

Message struct for the MSG_MULTI_RENDERNOTIFICATION message.

Public Member Functions

 RenderNotificationData ()

Public Attributes

Bool start
Bool animated
Bool external

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ RenderNotificationData()

Default constructor.

Member Data Documentation

◆ doc

The current document. Cinema 4D owns the pointed document.

◆ start

Bool start

Determines if this is a start (true) or stop (false) notification. Stop notifications are only sent if the document will not be deleted, which more or less only happens if there is an editor render.

◆ animated

Bool animated

Determines if this is an animation sequence being rendered.

◆ external

Bool external

true if the rendering is not in the editor view, otherwise false.

◆ render

Render* render

A pointer to the render. Cinema 4D owns the pointed render.

◆ flags


A combination of the render flags: RENDERFLAGS.