DragAndDrop Struct Reference

#include <c4d_baselist.h>

Detailed Description

Message struct for the MSG_DRAGANDDROP message.

Public Member Functions

 DragAndDrop ()

Public Attributes

UInt32 flags
Int32 type
void * data
Int32 x
Int32 y
const BaseContainermsg
Int32 result

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ DragAndDrop()

Default constructor.

Member Data Documentation

◆ doc

The current document. Cinema 4D owns the pointed document.

◆ sender

C4DAtom* sender

This is where the drag comes from. A scene hook for instance would get the pointer to the BaseDraw that had the item dragged into it.

◆ flags

UInt32 flags


Should be set if the message has been accepted.

◆ type

Int32 type

The drag type: DRAGTYPE.

◆ data

void* data

The pointer to the dragged elements. Depends on the drag type.

◆ x

Int32 x

The X position where the dragged object was released.

◆ y

Int32 y

The Y position where the dragged object was released.

◆ msg

const BaseContainer* msg

This container becomes valid if DRAGANDDROP_FLAG_MSGVALID is set so items like BFM_INPUT_QUALIFIER are available.

◆ result

Int32 result

Currently unused.