BezierPoint Struct Reference

#include <ge_prepass.h>

Detailed Description

Segment of a bezier path. A Bezier path is a cubic parametric curve defined by a start point and a set of segments defining a smooth continuous curve. For each segment the curve runs from the previous segment's end point towards the first control point (c1), then bends to the second control point (c2) and ends up at the end point (p). The two control points (c1, c2) determine the direction of the curve at its end.

Public Member Functions

 BezierPoint ()
 BezierPoint (const Vector2d &ic1, const Vector2d &ic2, const Vector2d &ip2)
 BezierPoint (Vector2d &&ic1, Vector2d &&ic2, Vector2d &&ip2)

Public Attributes

Vector2d c1
Vector2d c2
Vector2d p

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ BezierPoint() [1/3]

◆ BezierPoint() [2/3]

BezierPoint ( const Vector2d ic1,
const Vector2d ic2,
const Vector2d ip2 

◆ BezierPoint() [3/3]

BezierPoint ( Vector2d &&  ic1,
Vector2d &&  ic2,
Vector2d &&  ip2 

Member Data Documentation

◆ c1

control point 1.

◆ c2

control point 2.

◆ p

end point.