Translation Scale

Detailed Description


Float CalculateTranslationScale (const UnitScaleData *src, const UnitScaleData *dst)
Float CalculateTranslationScale (BaseDocument *sdoc, BaseDocument *ddoc)
maxon::Result< BaseList2D * > NbmFindOrCreateCorrespondingBaseList (maxon::NimbusInterface *nbm, const maxon::CString &nodePath)
maxon::Result< void > NbmPortToDescID (maxon::NimbusInterface *nbm, const maxon::GraphNode &node, const maxon::GraphNode &port, DescID &result)

Function Documentation

◆ CalculateTranslationScale() [1/2]

Float CalculateTranslationScale ( const UnitScaleData src,
const UnitScaleData dst 

Calculates the scale between src and dst unit scale data.

[in]srcThe source unit scale data.
[in]dstThe destination unit scale data.
The scale between src and dst.

◆ CalculateTranslationScale() [2/2]

Float CalculateTranslationScale ( BaseDocument sdoc,
BaseDocument ddoc 

Calculates the scale between sdoc and ddoc documents.

[in]sdocThe source document.
[in]ddocThe destination document.
The scale between sdoc and ddoc.

◆ NbmFindOrCreateCorrespondingBaseList()

maxon::Result<BaseList2D*> NbmFindOrCreateCorrespondingBaseList ( maxon::NimbusInterface *  nbm,
const maxon::CString nodePath 

Returns the corresponding BaseList element for a GraphNode. This function creates a new one if not already present.

[in]nbmThe nimbus class reference.
[in]nodePathAbsolute Path to the Node.
BaseList2D element. The return value can be nullptr in case no element can be created for the given path, e.g. if it is invalid of refers to an inner node.

◆ NbmPortToDescID()

maxon::Result<void> NbmPortToDescID ( maxon::NimbusInterface *  nbm,
const maxon::GraphNode node,
const maxon::GraphNode port,
DescID result 

Calculates the DescID for a given port.

[in]nbmThe nimbus class reference.
[in]nodeThe node that owns the port.
[in]portThe port.
[out]resultThe description ID of the port.
OK on success. If no description representation exists an error will be returned.