Dereference< T, ALSO_REFS > Class Template Reference

#include <apibase.h>

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Detailed Description

template<typename T, Bool ALSO_REFS = true>
class maxon::Dereference< T, ALSO_REFS >

This class is used to get a pointer to the actual data represented by an object t of type T. The pointer is obtained by Dereference<T>::GetPointer(t), and it is defined as follows:

  • If t is a function pointer F*, &t is the pointer.
  • If t is a pointer U*, t itself is the pointer.
  • If t is a reference and ALSO_REFS is true, t.GetPointer() is the pointer.
  • If t is a BaseRef, t.GetPointer() is the pointer.
  • Otherwise, &t points to the actual data.