Implementation (Cineware SDK)

There are two parts: root classes and element classes.

Root Classes

The Alien root classes represent the roots in the document where the elements are stored. The memory allocation function Alloc*() must be overriden.

The following root classes exist:

Root ClassDescription


Contains scene objects.


Contains scene layers.


Contains scene materials.


Contains scene render data.

Root Elements

The Alien element classes represent the different elements in the document (objects, materials, layers, etc.). Data saving/loading is handled through the overridden classes.

Element building for the external application with the specific data happens in the Execute() method. If false is returned the load operation will go one level deeper to the next cache. The Execute() method must always be overridden. See Polygon and Object Caches.

Examples of alien elements:

It is recommended to use the provided alien_def.h from commandline example.