Variable Tag TypesΒΆ

The table lists the supported variable tags by VariableTag.GetAllHighlevelData()/SetAllHighlevelData() and their corresponding data.

Tag Data Description
Tpoint list of c4d.Vector The points.
Tpolygon list of c4d.CPolygon The polygons.
Ttangent list of (c4d.Vector, c4d.Vector) The tangents left and right interpolation.
Tsegment list of dict{cnt: int, closed: bool} The segments number of points and closed state.
Tline list of dict{pos: float, t: float} The line points percentage position and original spline point.
Tvertexmap list of float The vertex map values.
Tnormal List[int]eger The normals. Note: Contains 12 times more elements than VariableTag.GetDataCount() returns.
Tvertexcolor list of dict{a, b, c, d: c4d.Vector4d} The vertex colors for a polygon.
Tsoftselection list of float The soft selection values.