Tag TypesΒΆ


New in version R19.

Alembic morph.

Taligntopath Align to path.
Taligntospline Align to spline.
Tannotation Annotation.
Tarchigrass Architectural grass.
Tbakeparticle Bake particle.
Tbaketexture Bake texture.
Tbase Base tag - BaseTag.
Tcompositing Compositing/render.
Tcorner Corner. (Phong break.)
Tcrane Camera crane.
Tdisplay Display.
Tedgeselection Edge selection - SelectionTag. The edges are encodes like this: (4*poly)+edge, where edge goes from 0-3.
Texpresso XPresso.

New in version R18.

Group priority.

Tinteraction Interaction.
Tline Line.
Tlookatcamera Look at camera.
Tmetaball Metaball.
Tmgselection MoGraph selection.

New in version R18.011.

MoGraph weights.

Tmorphcam Morph camera.
Tmotionblur Motion blur.
Tmotioncam Motion camera.
Tnormal Normal - NormalTag. Contains 12 integer values per polygon, enumerated like the following: ax,ay,az,bx,by,bz,cx,cy,cz,dx,dy,dz. The value is the float value of the normal vector component multiplied by 32000.0.
Tparticle Particle.
Tphong Phong.
Tplugin Plugin tag. Pass the plugin ID.
Tpoint Point - PointTag.
Tpointselection Point selection - SelectionTag.
Tpolygon Polygon - PolygonTag.
Tpolygonselection Polygon selection - SelectionTag.
Tposemorph Pose morph.
Tprotection Protection.
Tpython Python expression.
Trestriction Restriction.
Tsavetemp Internal.
Tsculpt Sculpt.
Tsds SDS.
Tsdsdata SDS data.
Tsegment Segment - SegmentTag.
Tsoftselection Soft selection.
Tsplinenormal Spline normals.
Tsticktexture Stick texture.
Tstop Stop.
Tsunexpression Sun expression.
Ttangent Tangent - TangentTag.
Ttargetexpression Target expression.
Ttexture Texture tag - TextureTag.
Tuvw UVW - UVWTag.
Tvariable Variable tag - VariableTag.

New in version R18.

Vertex color - VariableTag.

Tvertexmap Vertex map.
Tvibrate Vibration.
Tweights Weights tag.

New in version R20.