Tag TypesΒΆ


New in version R19: Alembic morph.

Taligntopath Align to path.
Taligntospline Align to spline.
Tannotation Annotation.
Tarchigrass Architectural grass.
Tbakeparticle Bake particle.
Tbaketexture Bake texture.
Tbase Base tag - BaseTag.
Tcompositing Compositing/render.
Tcorner Corner. (Phong break.)
Tcrane Camera crane.
Tdisplay Display.
Tedgeselection Edge selection - SelectionTag. The edges are encodes like this: (4*poly)+edge, where edge goes from 0-3.
Texpresso XPresso.

New in version R18: Group priority.

Tinteraction Interaction.
Tline Line.
Tlookatcamera Look at camera.
Tmetaball Metaball.
Tmgselection MoGraph selection.

New in version R18.011: MoGraph weights.

Tmorphcam Morph camera.
Tmotionblur Motion blur.
Tmotioncam Motion camera.
Tnormal Normal - NormalTag. Contains 12 integer values per polygon, enumerated like the following: ax,ay,az,bx,by,bz,cx,cy,cz,dx,dy,dz. The value is the float value of the normal vector component multiplied by 32000.0.
Tparticle Particle.
Tphong Phong.
Tplugin Plugin tag. Pass the plugin ID.
Tpoint Point - PointTag.
Tpointselection Point selection - SelectionTag.
Tpolygon Polygon - PolygonTag.
Tpolygonselection Polygon selection - SelectionTag.
Tposemorph Pose morph.
Tprotection Protection.
Tpython Python expression.
Trestriction Restriction.
Tsavetemp Internal.
Tsculpt Sculpt.
Tsds SDS.
Tsdsdata SDS data.
Tsegment Segment - SegmentTag.
Tsoftselection Soft selection.
Tsplinenormal Spline normals.
Tsticktexture Stick texture.
Tstop Stop.
Tsunexpression Sun expression.
Ttangent Tangent - TangentTag.
Ttargetexpression Target expression.
Ttexture Texture tag - TextureTag.
Tuvw UVW - UVWTag.
Tvariable Variable tag - VariableTag.

New in version R18: Vertex color - VariableTag.

Tvertexmap Vertex map.
Tvibrate Vibration.
Tweights Weights tag.

New in version R20: CustomDataTag.


New in version R21: User Data Tag.


New in version R21: Cache proxy tag. Private for generators.


New in version R21: Cache proxy tag for polygon selection. Private for generators.


New in version R21: Cache proxy tag for point selection. Private for generators.


New in version R21: Cache proxy tag for edge selection. Private for generators.