General maxon.Data class.
An object of this class can store every type of data as long as that type has been registered (see maxon.DataType).

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maxon.frameworks.volume.SDFFilterSettings.accuracy (maxon.FILTERACCURACY) Filter accuracy type.
maxon.frameworks.volume.SDFFilterSettings.filterType (maxon.SDFFILTERTYPE) The used filter type.
maxon.frameworks.volume.SDFFilterSettings.halfWidth (int) Target halfwidth of the resize filter.
maxon.frameworks.volume.SDFFilterSettings.iterations (int) Amount of iterations that the filter is applied.
maxon.frameworks.volume.SDFFilterSettings.offset (int) Offset value for the dilate, erode and offset filter.
maxon.frameworks.volume.SDFFilterSettings.stencilWidth (int) Voxel distance of the filter stencil.
maxon.frameworks.volume.SDFFilterSettings.strength (float) The Strength of the filter.

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