A node system manager manages a maxon.NodeSystem and several views on that maxon.NodeSystem, where each view is a maxon.NodesGraphModelRef
A node system manager is created by methods of maxon.NodesGraphModelInterface.

The task of the manager is to coordinate accesses to a shared node system from different views:
  • It stores a single NodeSystem reference which is used by all views.

  • A maxon.ChangeList to track changes made by any of the views.

  • maxon.GraphTransaction observers which get informed about transactions made by any of the views.

maxon.NodeSystemManagerClass is the base implementation of this interface.
It has to be used as base class for custom implementations.


This class as well as the views are not thread-safe.
This class coordinates different views, but everything has to happen within the same thread (or be properly synchronized by the callers).

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