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maxon.URLFLAGS.CACHE_IN_RAM (bool) If true, the cache is created in the RAM, otherwise in the machines temp directory on harddrive.
maxon.URLFLAGS.FRAGMENT (str) Holds additional identifying information that provides direction to a secondary resource.
maxon.URLFLAGS.HTTP_ADDITIONAL_REQUEST_HEADER (maxon.DataDictionary) Each entry in the dictionary will be added to the http request in the form key: value\r\n.
maxon.URLFLAGS.HTTP_DISALLOW_GZIP (bool) Set to true, if gzip compression is not allowed.
maxon.URLFLAGS.HTTP_FOLLOWMOVEDFILES (bool) Set to true if a http connection should follow “301 permanently moved file” and open the moved file instead.
maxon.URLFLAGS.HTTP_NO_PROXY_CACHING (bool) If a proxy Server is used set the “Cache-Control: no-cache”.
maxon.URLFLAGS.HTTP_POSTDATA (str) If HTTPPOST is true, add additional data.
maxon.URLFLAGS.HTTP_POSTMETHOD (bool) Set to true if a you want to send a POST request, otherwise GET will be assumed.
maxon.URLFLAGS.HTTP_RESPONSE_HEADER (maxon.DataDictionary) Writes the response header into the datadictionary.
maxon.URLFLAGS.NETWORK_CONNECTTIMEOUT (maxon.TimeValue) Connection time out for network connections.
maxon.URLFLAGS.NETWORK_SESSIONTIMEOUT (maxon.TimeValue) Session time out for network connections.
maxon.URLFLAGS.QUERY (str) Serves to identify a resource within the scope of the url scheme e.g.
maxon.URLFLAGS.UNBUFFERED_FILE (bool) Set to True, if file should be unbuffered.
maxon.URLFLAGS.USECUSTOMCLIENTCERTIFICATE (maxon.Url) If defined set the custom certificate file to be used.
maxon.URLFLAGS.USERNAME (str) ser name for the the url.
maxon.URLFLAGS.USERPASSWORD (str) Password for the url.