Represents an config entry value.


This function is only there to expose a C++ Object to Python.
As a Python developer you normally don’t have to deal with this function.

To access configuration, please use config.XXXX to access the configuration value.

# Display the default preference path
tempFile = maxon.config.g_prefsPath

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maxon.ConfigInit.CONFIGURATION_DATATYPE_BOOL Defines a boolean type.
maxon.ConfigInit.CONFIGURATION_DATATYPE_FLOAT Defines a float type.
maxon.ConfigInit.CONFIGURATION_DATATYPE_INT Defines an integer type.
maxon.ConfigInit.CONFIGURATION_DATATYPE_STRING Defines a string type.
maxon.ConfigInit.CONFIGURATION_DATATYPE_STRING_C Defines a pointer type.
maxon.ConfigInit.default Stores the default value.
maxon.ConfigInit.helpText A help text to know why this config is used for.
maxon.ConfigInit.key The key representing the value into the maxon.config dict.
maxon.ConfigInit.maxValue Stores the maximum value possible.
maxon.ConfigInit.minValue Stores the minimal value possible.
maxon.ConfigInit.type Stores the type of the entry (bool, int, float, string).
maxon.ConfigInit.value The value stored for the key into the the maxon.config dict.

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