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Data Types

Simple Data Type

Bool([C]) Boolean type, possible values are only False/True, 8 bits.
Char([C]) Signed 8 bits character.
UChar([C]) Unsigned 8 bits character.
Float alias of maxon.interface.Float64
Float32([C]) Floating point value 32 bits (float).
Float64([C]) Floating point value 64 bits (double).
Int alias of maxon.interface.Int64
Int16([C]) Signed integer 16 bits (either positive or negative number).
Int32([C]) Signed integer 32 bits (either positive or negative number).
Int64([C]) Signed integer 64 bits (either positive or negative number).
UInt alias of maxon.interface.UInt64
UInt16([C]) Unsigned integer 16 bits (always positive number).
UInt32([C]) Unsigned integer 32 bits (always positive number).
UInt64([C]) Unsigned integer 64 bits (always positive number).

Vector / Matrix Data Type

Vec3([x, y, z]) A vector consisting of three components X, Y and Z.
Vector32([x, y, z])
Vector64([x, y, z])
Vector alias of maxon.vector.Vector64
IntVector32([x, y, z])
IntVector64([x, y, z])
IntVector alias of maxon.vector.IntVector64
Col3([r, g, b])
Color32([r, g, b])
Color64([r, g, b])
Color alias of maxon.vector.Color64
Vec4([x, y, z, w])
Vector4d32([x, y, z, w])
Vector4d64([x, y, z, w])
Vector4d alias of maxon.vector4d.Vector4d64
ColorA32([r, g, b, a])
ColorA64([r, g, b, a])
ColorA alias of maxon.vector4d.ColorA64
SqMat3_32([v1_in, v2_in, v3_in])
SqMat3_64([v1_in, v2_in, v3_in])
SqMat3([v1_in, v2_in, v3_in]) A 3x3 matrix
Matrix32([off_in, v1_or_sqmat_in, v2_in, v3_in]) A 32 bits 3x3 matrix.
Matrix64([off_in, v1_or_sqmat_in, v2_in, v3_in]) A 64 bits 3x3 matrix.
Matrix Alias for maxon.Matrix64

Collection Data Type

BaseArray([ob, input, count]) A generic array class template used to stored any kind of data.
maxon.Pair provides in-place static storage for elements of arbitrary types.
maxon.Tuple provides in-place static storage for elements of arbitrary types.
A maxon.Block stands for a number of elements with a regular memory layout.
StridedBlock([C]) Similar to a maxon.Block.

Id Data Type

maxon.InternedId represents an maxon.Id which has been interned into a pool of unique
maxon.Id represents an identifier consisting of a c-string.
IdStruct Structure that represents an maxon.Id.
InternedIdStruct Structure that represents an maxon.InternedId.

Time Data Type

At some point developers have to deal with times, dates and timezones.
Class that represents the Universal date-time (UTC+0000).
TimeValue(seconds) The maxon.TimeValue class encapsulates a timer value.
Seconds(seconds) Timer value in seconds.

Core Data Type

ConfigInit([C]) Represents an config entry value.
SourceLocation([f, line]) An object to represents the current file location.
DelegateBase([C]) Delegate base class which can be used for maxon.DataType.

Core Iterator Data Type

PlainIterator([C]) Base class for iterator
RegistryEntryIteratorInterface([C]) RegistryEntryIteratorInterface is used internally by Registry.Iterator().
DataDictionaryIteratorInterface(memory) maxon.DataDictionaryIteratorInterface is used internally by DataDictionary.Iterator().
DataDictionaryIterator(dict, end) Iterator to iterate through all elements of a maxon.DataDictionaryIterator.
IoBrowseIterator(iteratorObject) Represents a python iterator for an maxon.IoBrowseInterface

Base Core Data Type

General maxon.Data class.
maxon.DataType provides a set of functions which allow to operate on values of arbitrary
Ref Base reference for all objects which hold a data capsule
Struct Represents a C++ structure.
Builtin([C]) Represents a built-in maxon.DataType (aka the one that can e converted automatically to python like maxon.Int32 to int)
UnknownDataType([C]) Class for all data objects, that have no proper wrapper class in Python.
Declaration(ids[, entityBaseType, returnType])
Maxon API rely on object that are declared. Such object are stored under a maxon.Declaration object.
Generic([C]) The data type represents the maxon.Generic type.
A component implements the functions of a given interface.
maxon.ComponentRoot is the base class of all components (see maxon.MAXON_COMPONENT).
ObjectDefinition(iid, object) Represent an Object

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