Evaluates intersections between a ray and a polygon object. The ray is defined by a point, a ray and length.

In the following example a ray intersects a cube:



Return type:c4d.utils.GeRayCollider
Returns:A new ray collider.
GeRayCollider.Init(goal, force=False)

Initalizes the ray collider with the object specified by goal.

  • goal (c4d.PolygonObject) – The object to check for intersections. The object is copied.
  • force (bool) –
    If False then Cinema checks if the passed object’s C4DAtom.GetDirty(DIRTYFLAGS_DATA) is unchanged. If yes, it does nothing and returns True.
    If True it always rebuilds the cache.
Return type:



True if successful, otherwise False.

GeRayCollider.Intersect(ray_p, ray_dir, length, only_test=False)

Checks if the line segment specified by ray_p to ray_p + ray_dir*ray_length intersects the object.

  • ray_p (c4d.Vector) – Start point of the ray in object coordinates
  • ray_dir (c4d.Vector) – Ray direction in object coordinates.
  • ray_length (number) – Ray length.
  • only_test (bool) – If this is True no information about the intersections are stored, so only the return value can be used to tell if there were intersections or not.
Return type:



True if there was in intersection, otherwise False


Returns the number of intersections found by Intersect().

Return type:int
Returns:Number of intersections.

Retrieves the intersection information, found by GeRayCollider.Intersect(), by index:

intersection = rc.GetIntersection(id)

intersect["face_id"] # The polygon index, int
intersect["tri_face_id"] # If first half of quad or triangle face_id + 1, else -(face_id + 1), int
intersect["hitpos"] # Position of the intersection, c4d.Vector
intersect["distance"] # Distance to the intersection, float
intersect["s_normal"] # Same as f_normal (reserved for phong normal at the intersection (Not normalized)), c4d.Vector
intersect["f_normal"] # Face normal (Not normalized), c4d.Vector
intersect["barrycoords"] #Barrycentric coordinates of the intersection (x = u, y = v, z = d), c4d.Vector
intersect["backface"] # True if the intersected face's normal points away from the camera, otherwise False, bool
Parameters:number (int) – Intersection index.
Raises:IndexError – If intersection index is out of range : 0<=number<GetIntersectionCount().
Return type:dict
Returns:The intersection information.

Retrieves the intersection, found by Intersect(), closest to the start of the ray.

Return type:dict
Returns:The nearest intersection or None if there was no intersection.