class c4d.gui.DateTimeControl

Spline GUI(DATETIME_GUI) for DateTimeData data type. These are the settings:

DATETIME_TIME_CONTROL True, if it is a clock.
DATETIME_DATE_CONTROL True, if it is a calendar.
DATETIME_NOW_BUTTON True, to add “Now” button.
DATETIME_NO_SECONDS True, to not show seconds.
DATETIME_SHOW_LABELS True, to show the “Date” and “Time” labels if the GUI is collapsed.

This is how it looks like:


Methods Signatures

DateTimeControl.SetDateTime(self, d[, bSetData, ...]) Sets the time.
DateTimeControl.GetDateTime(self) Get the time.


Parent Class:

Methods Documentation

DateTimeControl.SetDateTime(self, d, bSetData=True, bSetTime=True)

Sets the time.

  • d (c4d.DateTimeData) – The new time.
  • bSetData (bool) – If this is False the date part of d is disregarded.
  • bSetTime (bool) – If this is False the time part of d is disregarded.

Get the time.

Return type:c4d.DateTimeData
Returns:The new spline data object.