Shows a bitmap in the picture viewer.

Parameters:bmp (c4d.bitmaps.BaseBitmap) – The bitmap. Will be copied.

Loads the global icon with ID resource_id. Cinema 4D registers hundreds of its icons at program start and this way you can access them, for example RESOURCEIMAGE_MOVE is the move symbol. You can also resource your own icons via RegisterIcon(). Also you can access the icons for commands:

import c4d

icon = c4d.bitmaps.InitResourceBitmap(c4d.RESOURCEIMAGE_MOVE) # Returns the 'move' bitmap from the list below
Parameters:resource_id (int) – Resource ID to load.
Return type:c4d.bitmaps.BaseBitmap
Returns:The loaded bitmap or None. Find a list of all icons ID in Icons list.
c4d.bitmaps.GetImageSettingsDictionary(data, filterId)

New in version R20.

Extracts the image format settings from data.

  • data (c4d.BaseContainer) – The container to extract.
  • filterId (int) – The filter Id.
Return type:



The extracted image format settings.

c4d.bitmaps.SetImageSettingsDictionary(settings, data, filterId)

New in version R20.

Replaces the image format settings in data.

  • settings (maxon.DataDictionary) – The image format settings to replace.
  • data (c4d.BaseContainer) – The container to modify.
  • filterId (int) – The filter Id.