What was New in R18

The Python API in R18 brings important additions and more C++ API coverage. It also carries some API changes and fixes several issues.

In R18.020

New Features Support

API Parity

Here are the additions in R18 for the ongoing effort on parity with the C++ API:

New Plugins and Scripts Examples

  • Plugins:
    • Dynamic Description Parameters: Py-DynamicParametersObject
    • Texture Baking and Threads: Py-TextureBaker

  • Scripts:
    • MoGraph Weights and Selection: GeGetMoDataSelection.py, GeGetMoDataWeights.py
    • Vertex Colors: VertexColorTag_PointMode.py and VertexColorTag_PolygonMode.py
    • BodyPaint 3D UV Commands: CallUVCommand.py
    • Descriptions: CheckDescID.py, CreatePopupMenu.py, GetSubDescriptionWithData.py

API Changes


In R18.039

API Additions


New Scripts Examples

  • MoGraph Weights and Selection: GeSetMoDataSelection.py, GeSetMoDataWeights.py
  • c4d.VoronoiFracture: VoronoiFracture.py

Documentation Changes

In R18.057

API Additions


API Changelist

See API Changelist R18 page.