What was New in R16

In R16.050


In R16.038

Documentation Changes

New Color Property for TP Particles

A new color property has been added to Thinking Particles. TP Particles have now IN_PART_COLOR and OUT_PART_COLOR parameters. TP_MasterSystem has Color() and SetColor() new methods.

To preserve the old behavior PGROUP_USE_COLOR parameter has been added to Particle Groups. TP_PGroup class has GetUseColor() and SetUseColor() new methods.

Documentation Changes


For the Cinema 4D objects the operator [] (defined in GeListNode.__getitem__() and GeListNode.__setitem__()) is used to get/set their parameters data. The corresponding functions of the C++ API are C4DAtom::GetParameter() and C4DAtom::SetParameter(). Notes have been added to GeListNode.__getitem__() and GeListNode.__setitem__().

  • New documentation style (CSS).
  • Numerous minor fixes in the documentation.

In R16.021


With c4d.CallFunction() it is now possible to call a function defined within a scripting expression (Python and C.O.F.F.E.E. scripting tags, effectors, XPresso nodes, Interaction tags and Python generators). This alows better workflow and interaction between scripting expressions in the same document.

Sculpt Brushes

HyperFile Refactoring

  • Deprecated:
    • HyperFile.WriteWord()
    • HyperFile.WriteUWord()
    • HyperFile.WriteLong()
    • HyperFile.WriteULong()
    • HyperFile.WriteLLong()
    • HyperFile.WriteReal()
    • HyperFile.WriteLReal()
    • HyperFile.WriteLFloat()
    • HyperFile.WriteLVector()
    • HyperFile.WriteLMatrix()
    • HyperFile.ReadWord()
    • HyperFile.ReadUWord()
    • HyperFile.ReadLong()
    • HyperFile.ReadULong()
    • HyperFile.ReadLLong()
    • HyperFile.ReadReal()
    • HyperFile.ReadLReal()
    • HyperFile.ReadLVector()
    • HyperFile.ReadLMatrix()

  • Removed:
    • HyperFile.WriteInt()
    • HyperFile.WriteFloat()
    • HyperFile.ReadInt()
    • HyperFile.ReadLFLoat()