What is New in S22


Auto Completion Dummy Package

A Auto Completion Dummy package is available in the resource folder to perform code completion in any decent IDE.
For more information see Auto Completion Dummy Package Manual.

New Viewport Foundation

A new Cinema 4D viewport is introduced in this release and viewport filter has been reworked.
For Python this have very little impact since almost all the previous stuff exposed is compatible.


All tag that draw something in the viewport should be registered with the flag TAG_IMPLEMENTS_DRAW_FUNCTION.

The next method are removed:

  • LodObject.GetDisplayEOGLDescID() removed.
  • BaseDraw.DrawScene() removed.
  • BaseDraw.GetHighlightFramebuffer() removed.
Finally note a lot of symbols are renamed instead of OPENGL_SOMETHING to DRAWPORT_SOMETHING.
Find a list in the API Changelog S22.


The UV workflow as been improved with few functionalities:

2 new document modes:

  • Muvedges To works on UV edge.
  • Muvon To work on UV.

3 new UV commands:

  • MCOMMAND_MIRRORSELECTION To mirror the current selection.
  • MCOMMAND_UVUNWRAP To unwrap the current UV.
  • MCOMMAND_UVWELDRELAX To weld and relax the current UV.


Few modeling tools as been re-written, providing new scripting controls for:

  • Loop Selection (ID_MODELING_LOOP_TOOL).
  • Ring Selection (ID_MODELING_RING_TOOL).

Python Field

The default code of the Python Field Object and Python Field Layer was improved and provide now 4 predefined methods:

  • SampleValue to sample the value for each element.
  • SampleColor to sample the color for each element.
  • SampleAlpha to sample the alpha for each element.
  • SampleDir to sample the direction for each element.



New examples:

  • Material Set To Selected Poly.

    • Apply the selected material to selected polygons on the selected object.
  • Py-ToolData UI.

    • Creates a ToolData with a linkBox on it where it’s possible to drag and drop an object.
    • When this linked object is clicked, its cloned and added to the document in a random position.


S22.114 - SP1



New examples:

API Changelist

See API Changelog S22 page.