What is New in R20

R20.026 - SP1


c4dpy.exe/app is an executable that runs Cinema 4D in Python command-line mode.

It is not only an interpreter, it brings extra features for daily Python development with external code editors/IDEs: auto-completion and debugging.

For more information, see c4dpy.


Symbols value with the name 0 were renamed to NONE. For instance, DESCFLAGS_SET_0 was changed to DESCFLAGS_SET_NONE.

For compatibility reason, DESCFLAGS_SET_0 keep working but please update your symbols to the new format.

C.O.F.F.E.E. Removed

The C.O.F.F.E.E programming language and all related functions and reference were removed. See Tips to switch from C.O.F.F.E.E to Python.

Naming Scheme

Naming Scheme have change now it’s based on ISO 639-1 standard.

For compatibility reason, strings_us keep working for plugins in R20. But strings_en-US should be used. See Directory Structure.


The power of fields is accessible via the Python API. Several classes have been added to c4d.modules.mograph.

FieldObject represents a field and can be instantiated at any time to sample different types of fields.

The following classes are meant to be used for fields sampling and Python fields implementation:

c4d.FieldList is the custom data for field list parameters.

Volume Modeling

The new Volume Modeling API is located in c4d.modules.volume.

VolumeBuilder represents a volume builder object and VolumeObject represents a volume object. SendVolumeCommand() sends volume commands.


The c4d.InstanceObject class enables to script the new multi-instances feature.



New scripts and scenes have been added to the SDK examples:

  • Fields: fieldlist_sampling.py, fieldobject_sampling.py
  • Volume: volumebuilder_addobject.py, volumecommand_createspherevolume.py, volumecommand_splinetovolume.py
  • Color Chooser: colorswatch_creatematerials.py, colorswatch_rainbowgroup.py
  • Miscellaneous: globaltexturepaths.py, imagesettingsdictionary.py


R20.028 - SP1 Hotfix 1

This hotfix for Cinema 4D R20 SP1 did not change any API functionality.

R20.030 - SP1 Hotfix 2

This hotfix for Cinema 4D R20 SP1 did not change any API functionality.

R20.057 - SP2


  • Fixed an issue when exporting a document through the API in Alembic makes C4D freeze.
  • Fixed an issue where FieldInfo fails to be created from FieldInfo.Create().
  • Fixed an issue with Python Console not executing an EventAdd() after entering a command
  • Fixed an issue with SubDialog.SetInt32().
  • Fixed an issue with c4d.documents.GetAllAssets() when ASSETDATA_FLAG_MISSING is passed and an assets is missing.
  • Fixed an issue with python_init.py not called at startup in R20. For more information see Python_init.py.
  • Fixed an issue where InExcludeCustomGui can’t be created by the user.


R20.057 - SP2 - Documentation Update 1

R20.059 - SP2 Hotfix 1

This hotfix for Cinema 4D R20 SP2 did not change any API functionality.

API Changelist

See API Changelist R20 page.