What is New in R20



c4dpy executable is an important addition that enhaces Python development with Cinema 4D. For more information see c4dpy page.


The power of fields is accessible via the Python API. Several classes have been added to c4d.modules.mograph.

FieldObject represents a field and can be instantiated at any time to sample different types of fields.

The following classes are meant to be used for fields sampling and Python fields implementation:

c4d.FieldList is the custom data for field list parameters.

Volume Modeling

The new Volume Modeling API is located in c4d.modules.volume.

VolumeBuilder represents a volume builder object and VolumeObject represents a volume object. SendVolumeCommand() sends volume commands.


The c4d.InstanceObject class enables to script the new multi-instances feature.



New scripts and scenes have been added to the SDK examples:

  • Fields: fieldlist_sampling.py, fieldobject_sampling.py
  • Volume: volumebuilder_addobject.py, volumecommand_createspherevolume.py, volumecommand_splinetovolume.py
  • Color Chooser: colorswatch_creatematerials.py, colorswatch_rainbowgroup.py
  • Miscellaneous: globaltexturepaths.py, imagesettingsdictionary.py


API Changelist

See API Changelist R20 page.