Python Xpresso Node


Python code can be executed in a Python Xpresso Node.


All outputs ports are available as global variables in the whole scope of the Python Xpresso Node. All inputs ports are available in the main function as a variables.


A Python Xpresso Node shouldn’t modify the scene. It can read from it but not modify it.

See also

The important Threading Information.



Override - Called when the GvNodeMaster query the result of the Python Xpresso Node. It can be called multiple time per frame.


The following variables are defined in a Python Xpresso Node scope (in all functions even yours):
  • doc: BaseDocument : The document hosting and executing the xpresso tag.

  • op: GvNode : The current Python Xpresso Node.

  • tp: TP_MasterSystem : The Thinking Particle Master system of the document (can be None).