SNAPMODE_POINT Snap to a vertex on a mesh.
SNAPMODE_EDGE Snap to any point along an edge.
SNAPMODE_POLYGON Snap to the surface of a polygon.
SNAPMODE_SPLINE Snap to any point along a spline.
SNAPMODE_AXIS Snap to the axis of an object.
SNAPMODE_INTERSECTION Snap to the intersections of objects and guides.
SNAPMODE_MIDPOINT Snap to midpoint. Allows sub-snapping.
SNAPMODE_EDGEMID Snap to middle of an edge.
SNAPMODE_POLYGONCENTER Snap to the center of individual polygons.
SNAPMODE_SPLINEMID Snap to the middle of a spline segment.
SNAPMODE_WORKPLANE Snap to the surface of the workplane.
SNAPMODE_GRIDPOINT Snap to the intersection points of the grid on the workplane.
SNAPMODE_GRIDLINE Snap to the grid lines on the workplane.
SNAPMODE_GUIDEMID Snap to the mid point in between of static guides intersections.
SNAPMODE_GUIDE Snap to guide obejcts.
SNAPMODE_DYNAMICGUIDE Snap using dynamic or inferred guides.
SNAPMODE_ORTHO Snap perpendicular to guides edges and splines.