SAVEPROJECT_ASSETS Pass if the assets will be taken into account.
SAVEPROJECT_SCENEFILE Pass if the scene will be taken into account.
SAVEPROJECT_DIALOGSALLOWED Show dialogs like error messages, a file selection for missing assets or alerts if necessary.
SAVEPROJECT_SHOWMISSINGASSETDIALOG If an asset is missing show a warning dialog. Flag can be set without SAVEPROJECT_DIALOGSALLOWED.
SAVEPROJECT_ADDTORECENTLIST Add document to the recent list.
SAVEPROJECT_DONTCOPYFILES Does the same as without this flag but does not copy the files to the destination. Flag used to simulate the function.
SAVEPROJECT_PROGRESSALLOWED Show the progress bar in the main window.
SAVEPROJECT_DONTTOUCHDOCUMENT Document will be in the same state as before the call was made.
SAVEPROJECT_DONTFAILONMISSINGASSETS If this flag is passed, the function does not fail anymore when assets are missing.
SAVEPROJECT_ISNET Private. Set only if NET module is collecting assets.
SAVEPROJECT_USEDOCUMENTNAMEASFILENAME Use the document name as the file name to save as project.
SAVEPROJECT_DONTCLEARSUGGESTEDFOLDER Do not change asset paths of nodes.

New in version R17.048: Save the project assets with Global Illumination / Ambient Occlusion caches. See also ASSETDATA_FLAG_WITHCACHES.


New in version R17.053: Does the same as without this flag but does not generate the textures from painted materials.